Connect Through Tech: The Top Internal Communications Technologies for 2020

If you’ve ever been part of an expanding organization, then you may have encountered the internal communications challenges that often follow growth. How will important news be disseminated? What technology are employees using or not using to access company resources? Do new hires feel lost in the onboarding process? Is there a disconnect between departments or offices? For companies with multiple offices or remote workers, the need for effective communications vehicles is even more critical. To learn more about effective internal communications strategies and why they’re vital for your bottom line and employees’ happiness, click here.

It’s not enough to have a flawless internal communications strategy – you must also have the latest and greatest tools to execute it. Below are five technologies to implement as you finalize your internal communications plan for 2020.



You probably already know that video is an important marketing tool for your customers, so why aren’t you using it with your employees? Particularly in larger companies, most employees will not have a chance to interact with senior leadership. Video is the best medium for employees to get acquainted with who their senior leaders are on both a personal and professional level. Video content can be informative, personal, and entertaining. Some ideas include a thank you message after new business is won or an important project is completed, happy holidays messages, business/success tips, and informal personal or professional interviews. Not only will employees feel more connected to senior leaders, they’ll be happier and more engaged in their roles. Get the videos in front of your employees by promoting them via the company intranet, internal social media channels, and internal emails.



While they may be considered a bit clunky and unattractive in today’s digital age, intranets are still a critical tool for employee communication. Ideally, your intranet should serve as both a hub for key information from departments across your organization and as a communications vehicle for timely updates and news. Include job aids, how-to articles, forms, reference material, and anything else that will help your employees do their jobs more effectively, maximize their benefits, and stay informed. You can also use the homepage of your intranet to showcase photos or videos of office happenings, remind employees of upcoming deadlines relating to health care or other HR matters, and include links to internal newsletters or other marketing resources. Your intranet will be most effective if there is search functionality and if content is properly maintained and updated to reflect the most current information. Track key metrics so you can evaluate and adjust intranet content and design as necessary.


Mobile apps

Your employees are constantly accessing information on their mobile devices – why not meet them there? There are several companies that can help custom design a mobile application that meets the needs of your organization and workforce. This is an especially important communications medium if you have remote or field-based workers for whom traditional communications have proven ineffective. The mobile app can contain information from your intranet in a more digestible format and serve as a tool for employees to stay connected. Mobile apps are likely to increase employee consumption of company content and can be a more interactive tool for getting your messages across.


Social media channels

Another staple of communication in your employees’ personal lives is social media. If you haven’t yet considered deploying an internal social media channel in your organization, now is the time. This tool has been proven to increase real-time engagement within and between departments, promote employee belonging, and increase innovation. Much like typical social media channels, there are options for organization-wide and department-specific invite-only groups to customize collaboration relative to certain topics and projects. Your corporate teams can create groups to promote content specific to their work and initiatives, and internal marketing campaigns can be executed using video, polls, live chats, podcasts and more types of engaging and interactive media. When you deploy your social media channel, ensure that metrics tracking is set up so that you can monitor employee usage and increase adoption accordingly.


Digital Signage

If your employees are constantly on the move and don’t spend most of their time behind a computer screen, digital signage may be an excellent option for getting short messages across and improving high-level awareness of important dates and initiatives. Electronic screens can be displayed prominently in open spaces, meeting rooms, and hallways to maximize exposure. Your marketing team should design visually compelling slides that deliver branded messages in video, image, and audio formats. Examples of content include the latest press release, a new corporate video or ad, registration information for a webinar, and a dashboard summarizing key performance indicators for a company-wide project.

As companies grow, internal communication plans and technologies are an often-overlooked business initiative that can greatly impact employee morale and satisfaction. By investing time, resources, and budget into the appropriate strategies and technologies, you can ensure that your employees are  informed, connected, engaged, and satisfied.