Be Adventurous with Your Social Media Marketing in 2020

A brand new decade is rapidly approaching, and so are hot new trends you should use to up your social media marketing game. Don’t be afraid to experiment and explore as constant updates, techniques, and algorithm changes shape and reshape social media and digital marketing trends. Before you solidify your marketing plans for 2020, consider adding some of these tactics.

Interactive content.

Are your current and prospective customers just scrolling by your headlines in their newsfeeds? If you’re constantly posting the same content like photos or articles, it’s time to consider breaking out of your usual routine and differentiating your brand from all the digital clutter. Interactive content includes anything that a user can click-through, answer, play, or listen to. Examples include quizzes and polls, interactive videos, contests, and savings calculators. These different types of content require varying degrees of effort, strategy, and budget, but your efforts will be rewarded with increased brand recognition, engagement, customer retention, and sales.

Content marketing.

Great marketers have been sounding the alarm about this strategy for years, but many brands are still struggling with execution. Successful content marketing requires a strategic approach to create and distribute engaging, educational, and unique content that hooks your audience and drives sales. High-quality content will enable you to develop a highly differentiated, robust social media calendar that will showcase your brand as an industry leader and drive engagement.

Paid advertising.

If you’ve been on the fence about putting your marketing dollars toward social advertising, don’t hold off any longer. In recent years, algorithms have changed significantly to disadvantage companies who only post organic content. Additionally, social platforms, particularly Facebook and Instagram, are becoming more competitive as an influx of brands permeate the digital landscape. If you want to be truly competitive, you need to dedicate a fair share of your marketing budget to social advertising. Strategic planning will help you get the most ROI out of your marketing spend. Evaluate your overarching marketing goals to help you identify which types of content and advertising will be best for meeting your goals.

Get educated about the latest features of major social media platforms.

Like all other aspects of digital marketing, social media platforms are also constantly updating their features and options. Just a small investment of time educating yourself can go a long way in helping to determine which features make the most sense for your business and marketing strategy. A few examples of recently implemented features include:

  • LinkedIn’s Objective-Based Advertising: If you go to create an ad on LinkedIn today, it no longer asks you which type of ad you want to create, it actually asks you to choose your marketing goal, whether it be website visits, engagement, video views, lead generation, or brand awareness. Once you select your goal, LinkedIn will direct you to choose from formats that are designed to help you reach it.
  • Facebook’s Photo Layouts for Multi-Image Posts: Traditionally Facebook has only had one layout for multi-image posts. Soon they will be unveiling different formats for individuals and business pages to choose from. This will allow companies more flexibility and creativity in emphasizing the photos that help showcase their brands.
  • Instagram’s Augmented Reality Testing: Instagram is starting to experiment with augmented reality, a virtual way of augmenting one facet of the real world. For companies who sell physical consumer goods, this update has the potential to be a game-changer for marketing and selling efforts. While in the platform, users will have the option to virtually “try on” select shoppable, tagged products. This is an incredibly powerful interactive development that we’ll be following closely in the new year. Click here to learn more about augmented reality and other marketing technology trends that will shape 2020.
Video content.

We just can’t say it enough – video content will only grow in importance in 2020. Many brands get hung up on video because of the cost, planning, and resources involved. If you don’t have in-house videography capabilities or a huge marketing budget, my best advice is to keep it simple. Grab your mobile device, record someone talking for about five minutes, and use one of many free tools to edit your video. Capture your senior leaders, employees, and customers providing candid words of wisdom, unsolicited testimonials, or answers to frequently asked customer inquiries. Your engagement rates and overall social media ROI will be well worth the effort.

Social media marketing offers many exciting ways to engage with your audience. With an entire business to run, you may not have the necessary resources to dedicate to social media. Do you need experts to review your social media marketing plan? Are you looking for experts to help create content for your social media channels? Alto Rose’s experts are ready to meet all your pressing social media needs.