Why Great Writing is a Must for Great Marketing

If you’re a marketer or have ever worked closely with marketers, you know that one constant in the marketing profession is change. As technology transforms the way people and companies buy, sell, and communicate, marketing too must follow suit. Even as we transition into the era of more visual and short-form content, it has never been more important for marketers to be excellent writers. Here are just some of the reasons why.

1. Less content, more impact.

Consumption of digital content is exploding, the market is more crowded than ever, and consumers are increasingly distracted. Marketing messages may take the form of short-form content on digital channels, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be investing time and resources into creating them. With fewer opportunities to connect with potential consumers, you need great writing to make every word count and maximize your ROI.


2. Everyone can write, but not everyone writes well.

While many people consider themselves good writers, exceptional marketing requires that messages be communicated in a certain way. Great writers are adept at using the correct language and tone for the right mediums and target audiences.


3. Great writing makes bland details palatable.

It is not enough to simply list off features or facts about your product or solution. Great writing can turn an overload of technical information into something palatable, consumable, and even exciting for your potential customers.


4. Writing as a conversation.

Writers who intimately understand a brand will be able to create compelling content while adhering to brand guidelines. For example, certain brands allow for comedic, ironic undertones in the content they produce, which can generate increased consumer engagement and sales.


5. Great writing creates a logical path for the customer to follow.

It is never enough to rely on great content or the delivery of a great presentation to fuel your sales. In marketing, there should always be a Call to Action (CTA) for the customer. Great writing should always incorporate some form of a CTA into every marketing message.


6. Focus on what’s most important.

It can be easy to fall into the trap of providing too much information, particularly if your product or solution is very complex. Great writers will be able to parse out unnecessary information and drill it down to the details that customers want and need to know.


7. Writing must tell a story.

At the end of the day, there are many companies who offer the same products and services at a comparable price. Very often it is if and how you tell your company’s story that makes the difference between exceptional and mediocre marketing. This then translates into exceptional or mediocre revenue.

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